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taking the long way isn't always bad in life.

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Nov. 3rd, 2007 @ 10:16 pm
Last day of relaxed arty spec course just ended on friday. what lies ahead is all 3weeks of laying exercises left. Going to be that much more crazy but thats what i will have to tahan through to get the 3 stripes.
Completed the SOC test already with a timing of 9min20sec. relatively happy with the results beating my sispec timing. This will be taken as my soc timing for 1st year soldier. Hopefully will be able to get instructor which would mean no need to do soc again as 2nd year soldier. hopefully. Received the end of Operator Maintainance(OM) course certificate which means all of us are qualified to maintain the gun in all situations. As long as it appears in the manual we can do it, thats what they told us at the end. Which means just one more place for us to mess up and sign extra.
Fianlly watched a movie after such a long time. Stardust was the name of the movie. Good movie as a fairytale but rather typical kind of a storyline. But such a thing would never ever happen in real life. Imagine being able to meet the girl of your dreams, turn from shop boy to king and change from boy to man all in 1 week. Something that good could never really happen,can it ? Still felt good to watch remembering the life i actually had outside the army camp. Wonder when was the last time i had watched a movie with my family.
All in all the past week was a good one. Really hoping that the next few weeks wont be too bad.

Oct. 26th, 2007 @ 09:31 pm
Laying excercise on wednesday was a real killer. Left us all super tired at the end of the day. Lucky or unlucky enough, my detachment's gunu sort of broke down towards the end of the day giving us that little more rest over the other people. First time doing the whole process was a different experience since we have always been doing the seperate parts on their own. Putting them altogether is a different thing altogether.
Another 5 more weeks to go before getting the 3 stripes. hopefully ill be able to tahan throught all the way.
Soc test in the coming week. Hoping i can pass on the 1st atttempt thus saving me the trouble of having to take more than once which will be kinda tiring.
My goodness, my detachment mates are mostly chinese freaks.zzz bad for me. Chinese songs all day long. But currently, one of my buddies having a crisis in his life, bgr. He's supposed to go do something tonight to surprise his girlfriend, hope it will all work out for him. But this just proves that army messes up your personal life, BaD! . 2years facing all guys with super regimental schedules doesn't turn a boy into a man. It just makes you into a person who loves the sound of 'book out'.

safety message: don't let the safety net become a hammock

Oct. 20th, 2007 @ 11:20 pm
Didn't expect the soc's to take so much out of me. So different from the training back in sispec and this is only the start of the so called shiong part of the course. Laying excercises start this coming week which will be a real energy draining thing. Really hope that everyone can get through this course learning as much as possible before we head out to the real thing in unit. Hopefully we will all manage somehow when we actually have to lead in the future. JUst about another 40 days to go.
I also had a pleasent surprise when the book out on friday given to us was a so called half day. At least we managed to get out before dinner time. Our lovely detachment commander even brought us to one of his favourite places to eat on his treat. Kyo-Nichi was the place, some where between raffles place mrt n chinatown mrt. He got us this set meal which included a bowl of ramen, a side dish and a drink for $13. Not too bad at all, could have gone for seconds but it being his treat shouldnt be too greedy. The place was rather nice, but thinking that we went at a rather awkward timing like 4+ for a meal there was no one at all. A place i wouldnt mind going to again.

Oct. 14th, 2007 @ 09:57 pm
its been all too long since ive posted here. Army really takes alot out a person.

Now im about half way through the arty spec with 6 more weeks of crappy trainee life to go through. We fianlly have to start drawing arms every day which makes our load that much more. Im also starting to miss the airconditioned briefing room which we used for the 1st 5 weeks of the course, since now we have the sun, the field and the mud for our classrooms.
I cant believe i spent my birthday training in the army. We started the day on 110ct early in the morning going through all the craapy training 'outfield'. Continued on all the way till 10+, only got back to our bunks at 1045 with lights off following not too far behind. Really an eventful birthday as compared to the past 18 i have had so far. not many people remembered it but over the years i have started getting used to it. But thanks to those few out there who actually remembered about it n dropped me a greeting to let me know that people still remember.Still going to be spending another birthday in the army. Hopefully it will be a better experience since it wont be much longer to ORD once i hit my next birthday.
can't believe the course commander gave us an off-in-lieu on monday. A much needed and appreciated day of rest for each n evry1 of us. but the day we go back means continuing the shiong training again. standard obstacle course(soc) on tuesday, more gun drills to do and the much disliked test on thursday.Hopefully get get through this week fine. Just take one week at a time in the army, thats all we can do.

Apr. 2nd, 2007 @ 10:36 pm
So like never before have i done something like this. Today is the 1st time i have watched 2 movie in the theater on the same day. Watched bean the holiday with some sec4 friends. All still the same as ever. Managed to catch up abit at mos burger while remembering all the crazy times we had in secondary school. I just love the people from fairfield. Just cant stand the principal.

The bean movie was okay. Thats about it, it was only okay. Every that can go wrong goes wrong for bean. i really think its retarded. And everytime i watch him do what he does, i think to myself how the hell he can bring himself to do such things. Somehow i just cant bring myself to watch the show most of the times. But i suppose if doing such things can bring in the money for him. By all means act like a retard..

At night met up with some jc friends to catch 'Freedom Writers'. Personally, i think this movie was more worth while watching as compared to bean. I really do believe that such things can happen in the world. There will always be someone than comes into your life and help you a whole lot. We should all just remember how fortunate we are here in Singapore at the present day.  With all the great friends we have around us. Everyone should go watch it. As specially those of you who are super free. Thx MichelleG for recommending it.
Other entries
» job experience/university application
so like my 1st job experience of about 2.5 months, $6/hr and 4 half days 2 super long days are finally over. In the end i think it was a rather interesting experience. During this time had did alot of things on the job. Lets see.

In the end i think i was a truly memorable experience making all those new friends there. And a GREAT first job if have to say so myself.
But next up in line is army. WATCH OUT ARMY here i come.

On another note. I already apllied for university.
NTU 1)accounting 2) electrical and electronic engine 3)environmental engine 4)mechanical engine 5)civil engine
NUS 1)electrical engine 2)environmental engine 3) mechanical engine 4)civil engine 5)bussiness(accounting) 6)chemical engine 7)medicine
So my future is more or less decided. Now is all up to God as to where i land up. Im sure that it will be the best choice that he has panned for me.
» (No Subject)
Like Driving is so FUN. Okay maybe not really. today was my 1st practical driving lesson. In my opinion i think its crazy to get the student to start driving on the 1st lesson. But that was what i did. I was such a law abiding citizen and an official road hogger. I did not drive past 40km/h throughout the whole lesson and the average speed was about 20km/h. LIke i was scared i'd suddenly press the accelerator too much cause its really FREAKING sensitive, YES i mean REALLY sensitive. Moving from a stop was a constant irritant. Kept stalling because of that. Remember biting point->depress acc slightly->release clutch abit more. DONT release clutch to early. But i suppose all in all it was a good starting lesson since there was no accident. Next lesson on monday hopefully ill stall much less.

» (No Subject)
So life half the month is more or less gone. I still have no definite decision as to what i am going to apply for which is kind of worrying. BUT i have somehow narrowed down my choices based on every random thing that has come to mind over the time that has passed.
-accounting at NTU. which ppl say will be hard to get in, but wth juz apply 1st.
-electrical n electronic engineering at NTU.
-Mechanical engineering at NUS
-environmental science n engineering at NUS
-Civil engineering at NUS

Not too sure about the rest of the courses yet. IF any1 of u reading this can give any advice on anything not relating to the arts/humanities faculty in a university i would love to hear frm u. im sure in need of some help. And i thought the after results phase woud leave me feeling less worried=(.
» (No Subject)
So like in the end i didn't have the chance to go up on stage with 3A's which reallllllllly sucks. What do i have in the end ?
Math - A
Physics - A
Chemisty - B
General Paper - C5

I suppose this grades are relatively good already considering how some of the other people in my class did. But in the end i am grateful for my years here in ACJC. I really am glad that my parents allowed me to study at my own pace, play computer with only my own determination to study as a limit, and supporting me through all the way. My Aunt for helping me out with the tuition fees and all. Also Im sure God has a plan for me ahead.

In the end. To God be the Glory. The best is yet to be. =)
» 'A' Level results
like OH MY GOODNESS. The a level results are coming out this friday. im kind of super scared although i know that i can't do anything to change the results now. It was allll decided the second i handed in my papers. 2 more nights of unfavourable dreams ahead and it will be all over. Not too sure if it will end with a happy ending
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